Are you a world changer?

This past weekend, we celebrated Easter across the world.  People gathered with family and friends in homes, parks, restaurants, and churches for a variety of activities and meals.  I have a friend would say “and a good time was had by all”.

Easter declares the resurrection of Jesus Christ; however, Americans have done a good job at masquerading what is the true foundation for Easter.  Recent studies show how Americans have shifted the focus from Jesus to simply another holiday that we spend money.

According to the National Confectioners Association, we consumed 7 billion pounds of candy for Easter 2011.  In 2012, we spent $2.1 billion on Easter candy compared to $1 billion for Valentines Day.  Americans spend an average of $225 per person on Easter candy, supplies, and clothes.

Why is this important?  Candy is good, but Jesus is better.  We can’t really talk about Easter without talking about Jesus.

Whether you love Jesus, like Jesus, do not like Jesus, or do not even know who Jesus is, there is one thing that cannot be debated.  Jesus was a world changer.

Jesus is a person whom I believe is the Son of God.  God in the flesh.  100% God and 100% man at the same time.

Jesus came into the world at a time when the religious system was ruled by men and flawed at best.  Israel was ruled by a country other than their own.  Government was not the best it could be.  People were hungry for something more than what they currently possessed.  Jesus walked around with regular people, who had regular problem and regular incomes.  Jesus spent time who the religious system and government had written off as productive members of society.  Jesus instilled in people the message of hope, love, and a better way of live.  Jesus was not afraid to speak the truth to those who needed to hear it most.  Jesus cared deeply about the people who pretended they had life together.  This type of living was foreign to most people Jesus came in contact with.  Jesus was a world changer!

Yes, Jesus taught those around him.  Jesus invested deeply in 12 people for 3 1/2 years.  One of them never bought Jesus’ message.  The other 11, among others, completely surrendered to the new way of life that Jesus was proclaiming.

This group of people that Jesus sent of mission turned their world upside down for the cause of Christ.  They were not satisfied until every person they knew heard about this new life Jesus could give them.  World changers!

This past weekend, I made a final visit to a very good friend who has invested in my life over the past 12 years.  Jeff not only invested in me, but invested in other men also.  Jeff continued meeting with guys for spiritual sharpening as recent as two weeks ago.  Jeff knew the important of passing on what Jesus had given him and he did it well.  Jeff was a world changers.  This morning, Jeff was ushered into the presence of God.

I pose this question for you.  Are you a world changer?

Are you so completely passionate about something in life that you cannot be satisfied until every person you come in contact with knows about it?

If you believe in Jesus, do you believe enough that you pass it to others?  Have you allowed Jesus to change your world enough that you want to see Him change other’s worlds also?  What is your task in that process?

Jesus never gives us on being a world changer.  Jeff never gave up on being a world changer.  Chris will never give up on being a world changer.  Will you also become a world changer?