Do you have absolutes?

This morning, as I was listening to the news, I heard a very interesting statement.

Post-moderns claims there is no definitive truth.  Really?

I have heard this statement many times as I read documents and books concerning the current state of the American church.  The thing that made this statement interesting on this day was the pointedness of the statement.

“There is no definitive truth!”

Logical reasoning means the truth statement of that particular group of people can never be true.  Yet, this statement is an absolute for them.  They meant truth is relative.  They meant truth is defined by an individual.  They meant there is no common standard for life.  They meant all roads end up in the same destination and you should take the one that is most comfortable to you.

The sad reality is many people who claim to be Christ-followers believe the above statements about truth.  Yet, the Bible they should be reading every day makes some obvious claims about truth.

Jesus proclaimed in John 14:6, “I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life.  No man comes to the Father except through me.” (ESV)

When I leave my office today and go home, I will choose my travel path.  Most likely, I will choose the quickest.  However, I have multiple options to drive home.

Unfortunately, many people in our world believe the same thing about God.  There are multiple options to get to our destination, if there really even is a destination.  These beliefs have begun to plagues churches in America.

Many Americans do not think their behavior matters.  #YOLO has destroyed our ethics.

So, I say to you, does your behavior matter?  Do you have absolutes?  Are their definitive statements in your life that declare how you will behave.  What is the standard that defines the statements?

Here are a few of my absolutes:

1.  The Bible is the final authority for my life.  If Scripture says I shouldn’t be doing it, I probably shouldn’t be doing it.

2.  Personal holiness matters.  If I do not model what holiness, my boys will not know what it means to be a Godly husband and father.  I’m not great in this area, but I’m trying.

3.  Physical health and spiritual health are equally important.  Balanced health allows me to be the best that I can be.  Every individual that I have contact with never deserves to receive unbalanced emotions.  I am learning what this looks like.  I am learning to have consistent, calm tones come out of my mouth at all times.

There are more absolutes that could be added to this list.

What are your top three absolutes?