Is my Saturday worship more sincere than my Sunday worship?

This Saturday begins one of my favorites seasons of the year for a number of reasons, about 109,00 of them in fact.

The reason has nothing to do with Labor Day.  The reason has nothing to do with the “Mackinac Bridge” walk that Bridget and I participated in when we lived in Michigan.  It has nothing to do with the fact that this is the final weekend of summer for all of my nieces and nephews.

All of those things are very significant.  As a person who loves the state of Michigan, those are all joyful reasons to love this coming weekend.

There is one event that rises above all the things I love about Labor Day weekend.  College football season returns.  My family plans our Saturday’s almost as intentionally as we plan our Sunday’s during the fall months.  We love it!  We wear our colors.  We fly our flag.  We make at least one trip to Ann Arbor.  We make snacks.  We hate “Scarlet and Gray”.  We do all the right things are we participate in our “Saturday worship”.  I would be very naive if I called our Saturday rituals anything but worship.

I call it worship because our calendar and our checkbook is affected.

In fact, we worship many things.  There are many things that make it to our financial rolls and calendar apps.  Many things make #hashtags in our lives.  Many things?  It is true if we stopped long enough to think about.

The question that I always ask myself is this; is my Saturday worship more sincere than my Sunday worship?

Do all things in my life point others to Jesus, even college football?  Am I giving true devotion to Jesus Christ as the king of my life?

Do I love Jesus more than I hate “that school in Ohio”?

What we do with our Sunday worship for the other 6 days of the week matters.  It matter more than what time the game is on television.  It matters more than a drive to Ann Arbor.  It matters more than which shirt or jersey our family will wear this Saturday.  It certainly matters more than “Rivalry Week”.

Ephesians 5:20 says that we should “submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.”

Every conversation we have should give reverence to Christ.  Every event on our calendar should give reverence to Christ.  Every penny that is spent from our finances should give reverence to Christ.  Everything!

I think that is what “Sunday worship” is all about.  Sunday worship should affect my calendar and checkbook.  I should be intentional about how I prepare for Sunday morning.  However, more importantly, it should give reverence to Christ so everything else in my life is able to give reverence to Christ–even college football.

Let me pass the conversation to you…

I challenge you to take some time to make a list of the things you worship.  What are they?  How much do you worship them?  What if God took them away forever?

Are you able to give reverence to Christ in the midst of those things you hold dearly?

I hope you take some time today to give reverence to Christ for all things things he has given you along your journey.