To “just be” is never healthy

Yesterday, I was sitting in my seat at my favorite football stadium.  I was watching my football team fall apart before my eyes.  It was hard to watch, but yet I saw so many illustrations regarding our walk with Jesus.

Last week, I heard one commentator, who is a former Michigan football player, say that Michigan knows their rich history.  Michigan knows they want a rich, beautiful future.  Until they align their resources to ensure a rich future, they will “just be”.  To “just be” will never be healthy in the Big Ten.

My son was sleeping on the drive home, which gave me a few hours to process that statement along side of what I watched that afternoon.

The results had nothing really to do with football.  The results had everything with how we are connecting Jesus and aligning with God’s plan for our lives.

Today, I begin guiding our church through a three-year strategic planning process that is designed to discover how to do those things better.  We, the church, need to do a better job of aligning with God’s plan if we ever want to see people connect with Jesus.

To my understanding, there are three types of people:

1. Those who try to connect with Jesus consistently.

2. Those who are casually connected with Jesus.

3. Those who are not currently connected with Jesus.

We know that 87% percent of our community is not currently connected with Jesus.  Attending church at Christmas and Easter does not count as any type of “Jesus connection”.  87%.  For many individuals, a casual connection with Jesus seems to be okay.  We don’t seek to improve our connection with Jesus.  We don’t have a plan to make it better.  The Bible is not one of the books we spend enormous amounts of time reading.  We continue to “just be” regarding our connection with Jesus.

We expect this “just be” attitude to change our community.

I suggest to you this attitude taken on by many Christians and Churches will never impact the 87%.  This attitude with never make Satan scared of us.  This attitude will probably not lead a person to surrender his/her life to Jesus Christ.  This attitude will actually draw people away from Jesus.

Today, I ask you this question.  Does your connection with Jesus draw people to the cross OR does it chase people from the cross?

It’s important that we understand that our connection with Jesus does one or the other.  The battle that fights for individual’s souls does not take into consideration our “just be” attitude.  The “just be” attitude chases people from the cross.

How is your connection with Jesus?  Are you drawing people to the cross?  Are you making an impact in the large percentage of your community who needs to be connected with Jesus?

Life is a journey that requires more of us that to “just be”.  Life is a journey that requires us to be aligned with God the best we can.  Life is a journey that requires us to be connected with Jesus as consistently as we can.

Life is a journey.  How is your walk?