The plot to kill Jesus continues

There was a day last week that I found myself engaged in a conversation regarding marriage.  I hated that the conversation was even happening!

First, I believe marriage was, is, and always will be intended for one man and one woman.  Additionally, I believe that one man and one woman are to stay married until they are parted by death.

Secondly, I believe we live in a culture that does not embrace the teachings or values of Jesus.  Therefore, we cannot expect our culture to live by those values and teachings.  In fact, we should expect our culture to live the exact opposite of them.

The conversation was calling for a boycott of a national organization based on their public stand of marriage.  I very much disagree with this particular company’s stand, but I also disagree with the boycott.

Here is why:

1.  The religious leaders in the New Testament plotted to kill Jesus several times.  Basically, their reasoning was that Jesus didn’t fit in their religious system.  Jesus forced people to think about the motives of their actions.  Jesus was found dining with “sinners” multiple times in the gospels.  He did this because Luke 19:10 says Jesus’ mission was “to seek and save” those people.  Jesus never endorsed a persons sin, but never condemned those “sinners” either.  Instead, he is recorded as condemning those who thought they were better than everybody else.

2.  I believe our culture has a plot to kill Jesus.  I understand Jesus no longer walks on the earth in bodily form.  However, 1 Corinthians 6 declares the Holy Spirit uses our flesh as a dwelling place.  If you are a Christ-follower, Jesus should be visible through the conduct of your life.  If the conduct of your life does not portray the love of Jesus, I suggest you are engaging in the plot to kill Jesus.

Scripture tells us over and over that Jesus is love, mercy and compassion.  Jesus is Holy and cannot look sin in the face.  This last sentence is true because Jesus Christ is without sin.  When you and I are without sin, we can have that same attitude toward sin.  Until that moment happens, which it never will on earth, you and I have the responsibility to love people the best we are able in order to connect individuals to Jesus.

I state the question.  How are you doing at loving people that do not love Jesus?

It’s easy to love people that think the same way we do.  It’s easy to “boycott” people who do not think as we do about life.  In those moments, we place ourselves in the circle of the New Testament’s religious leaders.  In the process, the plot to kill Jesus thickens.  Sometimes, we find ourselves in that process and don’t realize it.

You and I are on a journey.  Is your journey connecting people to Jesus?  Are you loving others well?  Are you trying?  Are you attempting to engage in conversations about Jesus?

Life is a walk.  How is your journey?