Perspective matters!

The last two weeks have been anything but fun, yet I deep inside I have a large amount of peace.

Two weeks ago, I received a phone call from a church we had been dating.  I anticipated that I would receive a job offer from this church.  In fact, I think I already had given myself one.  I was set to pack our house and head closer to home.  I picked up the phone on that Tuesday afternoon to hear the disappointing news; there would be no job offer.  I heard the news as, “Chris, we don’t want you” and “Chris, you’re not good enough for our church.”

As I began to deal with the emotions associated with this horrible news, we discovered that our dishwasher had been leaking while at camp for a few weeks and needed to be replaced.  If that was not bad enough, the transmission on our van decided to stop working.

As my emotions were in a freefall, I was told there are people in our current church that cannot wait until we leave.

Sunday marked 9 years that we have been in New Castle.

That is a glimpse of my two weeks.  I am so thankful that Bridget never stops speaking encouragement into my life.  I am grateful for my prayer group that continues to lift my family before the throne of grace.  I am so thankful that God has been in control of the past two weeks.  I am grateful that God continues to be in control of the next steps of our lives.

I was reminded of a simple principle this morning.

In Matthew 4, Jesus approached some fisherman and said, “come, follow me.”  A Jewish boy longed to hear those words from the time he began his education at five-years-old.  The fact that Peter, James, and John (among others) were fishing meant the religious system of their day told them they were not good enough.  They had no place.  They were nothing.  Peter, James, and John experienced the emotions that I have had for the past few weeks.

Even more extraordinary than this is that Jesus was a carpenter, by trade.  According to Jewish history, this also meant that Jesus was told he was not good enough.  Jesus experienced my emotions first hand.

The fact the Peter, James, and John didn’t fit into the religious system the way they dreamt allowed God to use those guys for something bigger.  God used fisherman to change the world!

I know nothing about the past two weeks has surprised God.  I know that God has something better for my family.  I know that God has a perfect, yet unrevealed, ministry plan our family will journey down.  I know that God has an adventure that we will love.

We need the correct result.

My God requires that we are faithful and obedient to the next step.  We don’t have the privilege of knowing beyond the next step and we sometimes don’t understand the current step.  Yet, God asks for faithfulness and obedience.  Faithfulness and obedience does not guarantee the result that we want, but it guarantees the correct result.

Life is a journey that God orchestrates and sets in motion.  We are the managers of it.  I pray that my journey continues to be one that is faithful and obedient to my KING!

When you’re struggling through hard seasons of life, I encourage you to rest in the truth that God is in control and has the best adventure planned for you.  Of course, you must be faithful and obedient to the truth of the Bible if you want God’s best.

I want you to know that living with that perspective is what will allow each of us to “press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:14 ESV).