Five ways to feed yourself spiritually

13754 Food for the soul logoI grew up singing a song in children’s church that went something like, “read your Bible, pray every day…and you’ll grow“.  You’re welcome for that song being stuck in your head for the rest of today.

Many years later, I still believe our spiritual nutrition is that simple.  I also believe our spiritual nutrition has become complex at the same time.

When was the last time you heard another Christian say, “My pastor’s messages aren’t feeding me”?  Or maybe, “my small group doesn’t go deep enough.  I need more.”

I used to run three miles and feel like I had a really good workout.  Now, three miles doesn’t do anything for me.  I have trained my body to need more, therefore, I need to do more to get the same results.  The same principle is true for our spiritual condition.

Let me go back to your pastor’s messages for a moment.  Those messages that your pastor (hopefully) pours himself into every week are very similar to the refrigerator in your home.  You can sit in front of your refrigerator all day and it will never give you the leftovers from yesterday.  You have to open the door, grab a container, put something in your mouth and digest it.  If your pastor’s message isn’t feeding you, it is more likely your lack of digestion than it is available content.  Take a few moments and ponder on that one.

As we become more like Christ, we need to increase our conditioning.  “Read your Bible, pray every day” becomes the foundation, but we need more.

Here are five ways to feed yourself spiritually.

  1.  Go to church every week.  This should be a non-negotiable in your life.  I could actually go on a rant about this one, but I won’t.  We see in the Old Testament that regardless of the numerous offerings the Israelites sacrificed, they went to the tabernacle or temple to experience the glory of God.  We see in the New Testament that when the church gathered together, they experienced the glory of God.
  2. In addition to your reading plan (see “read your Bible, pray every day”), download two or three of your favorite podcasts.  Technology provides a great opportunity to listen to pastors who we would never hear otherwise.  Personally, I have a pastor I listen to on certain days of the week.  They have become part of my routine.
  3. Listen only to Christian music for thirty days.  No country.  No pop.  No rap.  No top 40.  No classic rock.  Abstain from any music that does not invite the glory of God into your vehicle, home, earbuds, etc.
  4. Pray for one thing every day during those thirty days.  Have you ever taken the same thing to God in prayer over and over and over again?  I challenge you to just that.  I bet you’ll notice a difference in your spiritual nutrition.
  5. Serve another person.  Use your imagination and do this one.  You will be amazed what happens to you spiritually when you shift your eyes from yourself to another individual.

Certainly, there are many other ways you can grow spiritually.  It is very easy for us to become stagnant Christians if we’re not careful about expanding our spiritual food.

Go ahead, try something new for your spiritual conditioning.