I cannot fix myself (and you can’t either)

We’re nine days into 2017 and many  have already given up on their resolutions for the year.  Really?  You already decided your goals for 2017 are too hard to accomplish?

If goals were easy, every person would have them AND reach them.

I’m not here to beat you up about any defeat or failure you may feel.  We do a rather good job of that on our own.  As my biggest critic, I beat myself up plenty when I don’t live up to my self-created expectations.

We don’t always meet our goals because we are wounded and broken.  Our imperfections tend to reveal our inadequacies.  This revelation in our lives causes us to press forward or to quit.  Many face the pressures of this tension daily.

Please allow me to offer some encouragement for the hard days of our lives.  I love it when the Bible gives a verse that begin with but God.

Isaiah 53:5 is one of those verses.  “But he was pierced for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his wounds we are healed.” (ESV)

Don’t miss the complete package of this verse.  Jesus Christ died on the cross to bring atonement and redemption for our sins.  That’s the first half of the verse.  The second part of the verse tells us the cross brings peace and healing into our lives.

This peace and healing is what fixes our brokenness.  It’s an important part of the redemption package.  Isaiah 53:4 says that Christ carried our griefs and sorrows.

The cross of Jesus brings emotional healing.

The cross of Jesus delivers peace into any circumstance we face.

The cross of Jesus provides the ability to keep going when life is hard.

The cross of Jesus redeems my unrealistic self-created expectations.

The cross of Jesus sustains the grace we need to keep pressing forward with our goals.


Because Isaiah 53 reminds us of our brokenness, our sinfulness, our wounds, our sorrows and everything else we don’t like about ourselves.  In the middle of this description, we find the words But God.  Those words bring life.  Those words bring encouragement.  Those words give us reason to keep going another day.  Those words are much larger than our circumstances.  Those words have no boundaries and no limits.  Those words never run dry.

When you have rough day this week, will you allow God to carry your sorrows and heal your wounds?  Will you allow God to pour redemption and peace into your situation?

That could be the best resolution that all of us make in 2017.

You are loved!