What Type of Salt am I?


I have thinking about the Dead Sea lately.  I know it seems a bit odd, but let me give you the context.

During some recent alone time with God, I wondered how I am like the Dead Sea.  That’s a different perspective, right?

Most people might know the Dead Sea has a high level of salt content, which gives several advantages and disadvantages.  This observation made me think of Matthew 5:13, “you are the salt of the earth…”.  I should also be known for my high level of salt content.  How often am I known for my high level of salt?  How about you?

Most people might know that (at one point) fresh water would flow into the Dead Sea from the Jordan River, but there is no outlet.  In a sense, the Dead Sea has become a sponge for all of whatever enters it; never to leave.  How often do I become a sponge of living water when I be an outlet for others to have living water?  How about you?

Most people might know the Dead Sea is very buoyant, meaning one can float for very long periods without getting to deep in the water.  One can stay on the water’s surface without ever going deep.  How often do I maintain superficial relationship without allowing others to dive deeply into my life?  How about you?

Some people might know the Dead Sea is shrinking.  CNN reported in November 2016 that the Dead Sea is shrinking at 3.3 feet per year.  At this rate, the life of the Dead Sea is not sustainable.  Extinction will happen.  You might be aware the Christian influence in our country is shrinking.  Could it be for some of the same reasons the Dead Sea is shrinking?

Finally, the Dead Sea has some amazing health benefits.  You can run a google search to learn some of them.  In all of the negative aspects, the Dead Sea has great potential for its visitors health.  How often are other people blessed when they have spent time with me?  It is the same question for you.

As always, there are two sides to every situation.  When the fruit of the Spirit show up in our lives, we become an intentional outlet of health for those we come spend time with.  We blossom and not shrink.  We allow others to go beyond the surface of our lives.  We become the “salt of the earth” that thrives in the place God has placed us.

Whatever your circumstances bring, I encourage you to be healthy salt.

You are loved!