In the next year…

As a Follower of Jesus…

* I commit to keeping my daily appointment with God.
* I commit to using my daily workout as a time for prayer.
* I commit to continually improving at giving God undivided attention.
* I commit to continually improving at transitioning conversations into spiritual conversations.
* I commit to continually improving at praying with people immediately when they ask for prayer.
* I commit to the YMCA being my local mission field.

As a Husband and Father…

* I commit to my weekday workouts because my family deserves my best.
* I commit to listening well to Bridget and our children.
* I commit to being the lead pray-er in our family.
* I commit to family Bible reading at the dinner table.
* I commit to managing professional stress well (see weekday workouts).

As a Pastor…

* I commit to seek clarity for our next season of ministry.
* I commit to post regular devotionals that will edify the body of Christ.
* I commit to work on training manuals that will equip our future church.
* I commit to seek ministry opportunities as we wait.

As a Student…

* I commit to steady progress in my Doctoral program.
* I commit to remind myself the intention of this program — slow cook through it to be a better pastor.
* I commit to writing class projects that will benefit the maturity and progress of my local church.