Doctoral Progress

In 2015, I began working toward a Doctor of Ministry at Clarks Summit University in Pennsylvania.

I am on track to finish my course work in 2019.  Below is a list of the great courses that I have completed and hope to complete in the future.

Bridget and I appreciate your prayers throughout this journey of my education.


Completed Courses

  1. Developing Effective Leadership Skills
  2. Teaching Spiritual Development from the Psalms
  3. Discipling Men for Godly Leadership in the Church
  4. The Centrality of Scripture in Ministry
  5. Biblical Spirituality for the Pastor and His People
  6. Contemporary Theological Issues and Movements

Current Courses

Future Courses

  1. Dealing with Difficult Passages in Scripture
  2. Contemporary Preaching: Mastering the Issues of Passion, Clarity and Relevance
  3. Preaching that Teaches the Scriptures
  4. Current Trends in Global Ministry