What is life?

In May of this year, I turned 40.  It’s not a real big deal for my daily routine; however, it is a bit of a big deal for how I am beginning to look at the next 30 years of my life.  I have asked myself a number of times in the past year questions concerning what is truly important in life.  I have looked at simplifying some of the roles that I have in life.  I have begun creating a life plan for the next 30 years and beyond.

In a sense, this makes me sound old.  In another sense, I wish somebody would have sat across a table from me years ago and spoke into my life the things I am learning this year.


I want to share some of my goals for the next 30 years, essentially the rest of my working years.

1.  I want to be the best husband that I can be.  I don’t think I am bad husband, but I cannot admit being a great husband.  I want to continue to learn what Bridget needs from me and do those things the best that I can.

2. I want to be the best father that I can be.  Malachi 2 says one of our purposes is to raising Godly offspring.  I want our four kids to walk with Jesus for the rest of their lives.

3.  I want to lead ONE local church in a way that always connects people to Jesus.  I want that church to engage those who need to know Jesus.  I want that church to be equipped to have faith conversations.  I want that church to be empowered to do the type of ministry the Holy Spirit initiates.

4.  I want to write published documents that help people through their journey of life as they connect with Jesus more consistently.

5.  I want to teach at a collegiate level at some point in the future.


Of course, these five goals cannot and will not be accomplished without the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit.  As I continue to learn what it means to trust and submit to Jesus, I believe God will show up in the midst of these goals.

It’s interesting, running the Boston Marathon by age 50 seems less important the more that I strive to connect with Jesus.  I still would love to run that race; it’s just not as important as it once was.

What about you?

Do you have goals for your life?  Have you every thought about how the roles you take on can compliment your goals or destroy your goals?

Life is a journey of seasons that include a variety of stops along the way.  Do you know where your journey is taking you?  Have you hit one of those stops and begun to camp there?

Life is a journey that requires us to keep walking towards the next season.  Goals and targets help you and me to continue moving towards the next season without prematurely stopping.

I hope your journey is saturated with the presence of Jesus today.

If you need help discovering how Jesus can be part of your life, please leave a comment.  I would love to have a conversation with you.