Do I know how to rest?

The invention of the smartphone has done amazing things for each of our productivity levels.  The invention of the smartphone has changed the way we play games, watch movies and television and even communicate with one another.  Yet, I see members of my family, including me, losing the ability to be still.  Each notification becomes the “current urgent”.  Each ringtone demands that we drop what we are doing to check the message.  Many of us anticipate the next upgrade so we can have the latest features.

We are losing the ability to value stillness and silence.  We are losing our ability to break the cycle of craziness that we call normal.  We are losing our ability to stop and rest.

Do we even know how to do those things?  Could we, even if we wanted to, stop?

We live in a world that runs to keep up with everybody else.  We live in a world that values upgrades even though our current possession is adequate.  Chasing those things prevents us from remembering important principles.

I want to invite you to ponder a few verses during this week.

So God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it God rested from all his work that he had done in creation. (Genesis 2:3 ESV)

“Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. (Exodus 20:8 ESV)

There are some interesting word pictures happening in the original language.  We read that God made the seventh to be holy, or set apart.  In a few verses prior, we read that God made male and female.  The original language uses the same word for each “made”.  There is a logical conclusion to this; God put the same effort into creating you and me and as He did in preserving a day of rest for our lives.

Exodus 20 simply reminds that we are to manage that day well.  The Bible goes on the declare that life will actually become easier when we take rest.  This is so counter-culture.  We keep pushing forward.  We keep working harder.  We remain in the craziness of life.  We never really plan on life to be that way, it just happens. The shocking part of this way of life is we end of believing we are fine.  We think we can continue forever this way until we break.

As an athlete, I understand this does not make sense.  I understand that training for an event breaks down muscle.  Repetition of training further breaks down muscle.  My muscles are allowed to rebuild on my off-days.  Our bodies were meant to have rest.  Our bodies were meant to stop.

Our minds need to disconnect regularly for a sustainable pace.

My final thought for today…

God did his part in setting aside one day of every week for you and I to rest.  He simply asked us to keep it that way.  How am I doing?  How are you doing?

Life is a journey.  Is your journey keeping a sustainable pace?