The gospel is not lazy…

Im_LazyI should never be amazed how many people “I’m Lazy” applies to, but I am.  It seems that our culture is willing embrace more handouts as they are readily available.  We live with the worldview that if another person or organization would like to give it to me, I should be willing to take it.

I think we are raising a generation who does not know how to provide for themselves.  At some point, the cycle must stop.  Our communities cannot function at the pace of handouts and entitlement that we are currently living at.

The same is true about churches across the country.  Church leaders, including me, have built a system of spiritual spectators.

I once heard that 20% of the congregation does 80% of the ministry.  In some churches, that is true.  Others, it is not.  Regardless, most Americans have accepted this as normal church life.  We have accepted that “somebody else” will do it, even though we have no clue who that “somebody else”.  I’m not sure that we care either.

The difficulty with our acceptance of this practice is that it is not biblical.  

Matthew 28 says that we are to “go and make disciples…”.  The GO really says “as you go about your life” make disciples.  The GO doesn’t invite us to get off the bench.  The GO tells us there is no bench to sit on.  The GO is an expectation that our lives should make disciples by default.

Matthew 22 says that we are “love the Lord your God…and love your neighbor as yourself.”  The LOVE here is a verb that means “to welcome, to entertain, to be fond of, to love dearly”.  In a nutshell, LOVE means that we are actively involved in something that sends affection toward God and other people.

Interestingly, Jesus told Israel the second greatest commandment was to LOVE your neighbor.  In the big picture, Israel’s neighbor was Samaria.  Israel hated Samaria so much they would not even walk across the border.  Jesus told them that loving me means that you love those you hate and will not give any energy to. 

We are the gospel in skin.  We are the ones who are responsible for expanding the kingdom of God.  We are_________________.

Each of us must choose today what goes in the blank.  It is easy to become a lazy follower of Jesus and, in turn, make the gospel lazy.  Neither should be accepted!

As you goes on your journey, how are you doing at being a GO’er and a LOVE’er?