microwave or crock-pot?

Roughly eighteen months ago, we announced to our church there would be a transition.  Scary!  Over the next few months, I transitioned out of youth ministry and into the lion’s den of adult ministry.  Fortunately, I spent the past eight years in this church and helped navigate it through some pretty hard years.  The people I thought were going to be difficult were actually very supportive and wondered why it took so long for me to notice what God was shaping me for.

My expectation was for the transition to go smoothly.  I would graduate with my master’s degree, which I did.  I would successfully become ordained, which I did.  I would revise some key systems for our current church, which I did.  It seemed like everything was going just as planned.  I even thought we would be at a new church for the beginning of the 2015-16 school year, which did not happen.  It even looked like it was going to happen, but God had chosen a different path.

I’ve learned several lessons over the past eighteen months, but two stand out among the rest.  The first is simply a quote from a television show that my family watches pretty consistently (thanks, netflix).


I know, believe, understand and every other word that describe it that God is in control.  Yet, I have days that I struggle with the whole process.  This quote is a great reminder that I make the choice to make today great!  You make the same choice every day.

The second most obvious lesson is that God often puts us in a crock-pot when we think we should be in a microwave. A microwave frustrates me because it never does what I want it to do as quickly as I want it complete.  I expect a crock-pot to take some time and I also expect really good results as the end of the cook cycle.

My point is that I need to be okay when God chooses to put me in a crock-pot.  God will never steer my family in a poor direction.  God always has his best interest in mind.  As long as I choose not to jump out of the crock-pot, God will get the glory and we will win in the end.

I want to encourage you that “today is a good day to have a good day” especially when you are in God’s crock-pot.  Don’t leave the crock-pot for a microwave.  There is something very special at the end of the process.

How is your journey?  Do you have others helping you in your walk?