Are you a threat?


The last month has been abnormal for me and some days I’m not sure what to do about it.  For the first time in years, I am not employed by a church.  Rather, I have spent a few weeks doing projects on our house and now I find myself on a UPS delivery truck for the Christmas season.

In the midst of the abnormalities, one thing has remained constant — my time with God.  One giant lesson has been reinforced during this rest period.  Does my conduct invite God to be more active than other places in the world?

If you have ever read Vertical Church by James MacDonald, your head will spin as he explains the presence of God in our world.  You should read this book; it will create an appetite for church in a fresh, exciting way.

My belief regarding the presence of God is that God is everywhere at all times (omnipresence), but God does not equally bless all people and all places (manifest presence).

In Exodus 33:7-11, we read about the tent of meeting.  Moses established this tent of meeting so Israel could worship God.  At this time, God’s presence was in the pillar of God.  Verse 10 tells us the people had to worship from the door of their tents.  Verse 11 tells us that Moses would enter the tent of meeting and the pillar would descend and God would speak face to face.  God spoke to Moses in a way that he didn’t with the rest of Israel, enough though he was in plain sight of all.

In Daniel 6, we read about Daniel’s overnight stay in the Lion’s Den.  There was an edict that disallowed a person to pray to anybody except the king for a period time.  Daniel knew about the edict, but continued to pray to Jehovah three times daily.  The consequence for his unwavering faithfulness was a night in the Lion’s Den.  Those were jealous of Daniel’s blessed life, tried to destroy his life.  God had other plan and Daniel’s trust needed to be solid.

Verse 22 said that God sent his angel to shut the mouths of the lions and Daniel’s life was not harmed.  Daniel’s conduct and faithfulness brought the favor of God in a way that exalted God even more.

The Bible is full of accounts that show God’s supernatural activity in a way that is abnormal.

Why would God act in such a way?

Ephesians 1 described a person who walks with Jesus.  The writer uses adoption, redemption, purpose, will and a handful of others.  The bottom line for all of those words is “to the praise of His glory”.  In fact, the phrase is mentioned three times in Ephesians 1.

As we get wrapped up in all the things we’re supposed to do as Christians, one thing is clear.  We do what we do to glorify God.  Too often, we take the credit that should be laid at the feet of Jesus.  When we keep the credit, we glorify ourselves and no longer a threat to the enemy.

When our conduct invites the presence of God to be more active than other places in the world, there will be no question who gets the credit and the glory.  Read the rest of Daniel and this truth will be clear.  Follow Paul’s life throughout the New Testament.  There are many other example that you know about.

When we are intentional about giving God all the glory, we will make Satan mad.  We’ll probably make those around us mad as well, because it seems anti-American to give credit to others.

As you’re working so hard to be “ready” for Christmas, will you take some time to rest in the presence of God?  Will you take some time to grab a sheet of paper and glorify God for His presence in your life this year.

The more we practice giving God glory, the better we will become and the more of God’s presence we will see.

Does my conduct invite God to be more active than other places in the world?  I’m learning how to do this better.  Does your conduct invite God’s supernatural activity to appear in your normal day?

One more thing.  Would you leave a comment about God’s activity in your life and encourage others that might read this?

You are loved!